AKP Consultants (Adhika Karsa Pratama, PT)
is a consultant company serving clients in scientific, academic, historic preservation, arts and cultural, and mixed-use markets. The company's core values are responsive design, technological expertise and exceptional service with innovative design solutions that are both functional and inspiring.

AKP Consultants was established in 1993. AKP Consultants takes pride in creating buildings which are thoughtfully designed. Every project is crafted as a carefully considered response to the client's needs, site and budget. These projects include a wide variety of building types including education, office, government and institutional, banking and financial, hospital.

AKP Consultants has wealth of experience and comprises architects, interior designers, analysts, technicians, graphic designers and communication experts. The company covers all architectural workstages, adding further value with it's extensive analytical tools and experience.

AKP Consultants is committed to provide services that are socially, environmentally and economically sound. AKP Consultants stewardship begins with sustainable processes in operations and design while using ecofriendly materials, and construction strategies that create real value for clients now and in the future.