AKP Consultants was established in 1993. AKP Consultants takes pride in creating buildings which are thoughtfully designed.

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Organization Chart

This is an organization chart of AKP Consultants (Adhika Karsa Pratama, PT)

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How can we help you? For further information, general enquires and updates, please visit the Adhika Karsa Pratama website or contact

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Adhika Karsa Pratama PT

Everything Starts From Planning

AKP Consultants has wealth of experience and comprises architects, interior designers, analysts, technicians, graphic designers and communication experts.
Provide technically competent and aesthetically sensitivity solutions suitable to physical, social, and cultural environments Offer technical knowledge to ensure projects are designed to provide sustainability
Create purposeful spaces that meet health and safety concerns. Provide solutions that accommodate budgets without compromising goals.
Turn ideas into tangible structures that meet the needs of clients and their communities

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